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My name is Christian and I am a front-end developer living in Melbourne, Australia, but I'm secretly German. My specialities include in-store HTML touch applications and responsive websites.

Working together with designers and other developers, sharing my knowledge to bring a project to its full potential is one of my passions.


Have a look at some of my recent projects:

Skills & Tools


My work starts with HTML and CSS, sometimes based upon UI frameworks like Bootstrap. From here I add interactivity using plain JavaScript or jQuery. Bower lets me easily add new libraries and plugins to a project, while Git helps tracking changes that I make.

To improve my workflow I set up task runner GulpJS which compiles SCSS files into CSS and also combines and minifies all JavaScript files.

On complex projects I use JavaScript frameworks like Backbone and Marionette. I have had brief experiences with Angular and Ember and am eager to deepen my knowledge of those.
The data fed to the applications I work on will come in the form of JSON, be it from an API or a static file.

To debug any problems that may arise I've become good friends with Chrome's DevTools and Charles Proxy. I know many of the browser specific quirks and how to make a website work cross-browser and -device.


In recent years I mainly worked with Ruby on Rails applications, but I also have experience with the PHP/MySQL stack.

Software Suites

Working side-by-side with designers, Adobe's Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are common tools to me.


Christian Klammer